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A-Level Options

The A-Level system has returned to its traditional linear routes, so you will study the same three (or in some cases four) A-Levels across your two years in Sixth Form, with exams in Year 13 determining your final result. We offer more than 20 subjects to choose from, including the facilitator subjects as well as specialist courses. Studying A-Levels at Beaconsfield High School puts you in front of exceptionally talented teachers, all specialists in their subjects. 

All A-Level courses in the Sixth Form run over a 2 year period. Most students take 3 A-Levels and an EPQ. Some students may take 4 A-Levels, but this is dependent upon specific academic criteria being met, is subject to interview and it being possible and viable within the timetable. Further Maths can only be taken as a 4th A-Level.

Biology Graphic Communications
Business Studies History
Chemistry Latin
Classical Civilisation Maths
Computer Science (A or AS) Media Studies


Drama & Theatre Studies Physical Education
Economics Physics
English Language & Literature


English Literature


Fine Art Religious Studies 


Further Maths



Textile Design