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Careers Guidance  

At Beaconsfield High School we aim to prepare our students to go on to Higher Education, Apprenticeships or to skilled employment and to enable them to make a significant contribution to society. While qualifications continue to be very important we recognise the significance of the soft employability skills. Please see our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

In January 2018 the Department of Education issued new Statutory Careers Guidance which outlined the eight Gatsby Benchmarks which schools should meet by 2020. The benchmarks are:  

A stable career programme
Learning from career and labour market information  
Addressing the needs of every student
Linking curriculum learning to careers
Encounters with employers and employees
Experience of workplaces
Encounters with Further and Higher Education
Personal guidance  

The school is currently working towards meeting these requirements.  For up to date careers information please go to the Bucks Skills Hub website. 

Work Insight Day

Year 10 Work Insight Day was planned for 1st May 2020 (inset day) but had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.  

Given that workplaces may not be inviting students to visit anytime soon we have had to consider virtual options. 

One day during an inset day/the holidays we are asking Year 10 parents/guardians if they, a family member or a trusted family friend, can support their child in a Work Insight Day.  This is a 1/2- 1 day virtual work shadowing, it does not need to be linked to their current career interests or aspirations. It is about getting an insight into the world of work

It is the opportunity for students to: be set a simple task (see Handbook or this Q&A for ideas), where possible speak to at least two work colleagues or clients and complete a Handbook.  This Handbook should be scanned or emailed back.  Parents should also confirm on the last page that the work shadowing has taken place or email careersleader@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk

Thank you so very much to parents for thinking creatively and supporting this important careers initiative. 

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) tells you about labour market opportunities.  This includes skills, career pathways and progression routes in the local labour market; educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs; employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends.  At BHS we provide comprehensive guidance and information for students and parents about future study; Year 9 Options events, Year 11 Networking Event, Year 11 Advice and Guidance meetings, Year 12 UCAS preparation, Year 12 Enrichment talks, PSHCE drop-down days to name but a few.  You may however also be interested in local LMI and how sectors in Buckinghamshire are developing. Please find below a presentation from the Bucks Skills Hub on ‘Understanding the local job market for parents’.  There is some great information on local employers - always good to know when students are thinking about finding work experience/ work shadowing experience.    Please click here for a PowerPoint sent to all parents as part of our April 2021 careers update.  Please do go through this with your child.

For further information please use these links:-


This shorter 30-minute student version has been shared with students during lesson time.


Watch this four-minute video for information about companies and careers based in Buckinghamshire:

Download a copy of Careers in Buckinghamshire here

 Why not try out Careerometer (below), it's simple way to get access to labour market information and  allows you to compare one job with another, to compare the average earnings, working hours and predicted job openings.



Overview of our Careers Programme

We have a comprehensive programme of careers education, advice and guidance which is threaded throughout the life of the school. This programme is delivered in a wide variety of ways: in assemblies, in subject specific lessons, PSHCE dropdown days, visitors to the school sharing their career experiences as part of their talk eg author visits and special events like the Speed Networking Event for year 11 students.. Staff receive training on Careers in the Curriculum and are encouraged to share their world of work experiences with the students. Please see the School Careers Plan for this academic year . Alongside this, Our Getting Life Ready (GLR) strategy, recognises the importance of the key/soft skills for future advancement and employability. Please see the GLR and Careers document for further details. Our STEM activities/days take place throughout the year, challenging students to develop a set of key/soft skills, including collaboration and team building activities within the STEM context.  

Students are regularly emailed with information on a range of careers, including factual information with weblinks, weekend and holiday courses and work experience opportunities. Each year there is a week of career assemblies to help students appreciate the wide range of job opportunities available to them. We also advertise local and national careers fairs. There are other opportunities available to students, for example Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Y10 & Y11 which is aimed at inspiring school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession.  

Students in Year 12 and 13 are given extensive guidance about their possible next steps (including university applications and other post 18 options, such as apprenticeships and jobs), by our sixth form team.  There is also a programme of career talks given by alumni, parents and other people involved in a variety of career paths. These are great opportunities for students to learn from professionals and ask questions in a wide range of fields and inspire them towards their future career goals. Each year a Futures Fair afternoon and evening is organised with university stalls, apprenticeship providers and helpful talks for both students and parents for Y11 students in the afternoon and Y12 students in the evening. Every week there is a sixth form bulletin which covers information on the variety of next steps possible and other opportunities available to that age group.

Our impartial ADVIZA (careers) adviser, regularly visits the school to conduct individual careers interviews with Y10-13 students and is available at the Y9 Parents Evening and the Y12 UCAS day. All Year 11 students have an individual interview with a member of the Leadership Team to discuss their post 16 choices. The school continues to measure and assess the impact of the careers programme on students through the Gatsby Benchmarks and Compass Tracker tool. It is also working towards developing a questionnaire/survey on student career experiences. 

Exploring Career Options

Explore our Virtual Careers Day!

Career in Public Relations

Career in Dietetics

Career in Technology Consulting

Career in Software Engineering

Career in Law (Barrister)

Chartered Surveyor (19th July 2021)

Financial Banker (12th July 2021)

Consultant Emergency Medicine (5th July 2021)

Solicitor (28th June 2021)

EU Information Systems Manager (24th May 2021)

Marketing Director (17th May 2021)

Consultant Paediatrician (10th May 2021)

Geologist  (26th April 2021)

Consultant Neurologist (19th April 2021)

Consultant Histopathologist (29th March 2021)

Financial Controller (22nd March 2021)

Events Management (15th March 2021) 

Dentist (8th March 2021)

Pilot (14th December 2020)

Curator (7th December 2020)

Barrister (16th November 2020)

National Film School Remote Work Insight Day (09 November 2020) 

Chiltern Rangers Work Insight Day (02 November 2020)

National Opera Singer  (19 October 2020)

Aerospace_Engineer (12 October 2020)

English National Opera  (5 October 2020)

HSBC Early Careers Programme (5 October 2020)

HSBC Early Careers Programme - Presentation  (5 October 2020)

A Career in the Creative Arts (28 September 2020) 

Work Insight Day (28 September 2020) 

Law (21st September 2020)

GP (14 September 2020)

Vet (7 September 2020)  

Responding to Parental Survey Feedback

BSMS Virtual Work Experience

Bayer - A variety of Careers involving Animals

Apprenticeships Feb 2020

Careers Podcasts

Labour Market Information Creative Industries LMI

Careers Assemblies HU 2nd March 2020

LMI Infographics

The National Careers Service 18.11.19

Careers of the Future

Oxbridge Uni Application Process

Developing Soft Skills 23rd March 2020

Oxford Medicine Applicant

Musical Therapy Careers Corner

Classroom to Career Newsletter

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter July 2021

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter June 2021

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter May 2021

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter April 2021

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter March 2021

Classroom to Career Parent Newsletter January 2021

Careers Leader

Our named Careers Leader is Zahara Sattar, she has strategic lead and is ably supported operationally by Susan Edwards.  You can contact them via email careersleader@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk or via the main school switchboard 01494 673043

Enterprise Advisor

Hugh Chamberlain became our Enterprise Advisor in 2018 and his main role is to support the careers programme by helping to provide links to local businesses.

Patricia Finetto Graça became our Enterprise Advisor in May 2020.  Her role is to support the careers programme by helping to provide links to local business.

Provider Access 

Beaconsfield High School is open for other providers to speak to students. Please see our Provider Access Policy for further details or additionally, for information on apprenticeships and independent providers click here and for further information click here

Online careers support

To support students along the way we subscribe to a useful website which students would find helpful to explore: eclips-online.co.uk  (Password can be found on the careers section of the school VLE).  

There are many useful websites on careers, which allow access to search for opportunities, explore careers and apprenticeship opportunities and gain experience within local businesses. Some examples are given below:

Beginners Guide to Apprenticeships

nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk   (also provides online access to a careers advisor).


Warwick University Labour Market Information - Future Trends






10 Steps to Exploring Careers

The school 'Careers Education, Information and Advice and Guidance' is due for review December 2022.