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Our Vision and Values

Studying at Beaconsfield High School unlocks a child’s future, providing the skills and aptitude to enable them to thrive in the competitive worlds of higher education and work.

Our curriculum intent is to support a happy, high-achieving learning community enriched by the opportunity to discover talents and passions. We plan and build our curriculum so that academic knowledge, enrichment and life skills match the high aspirations of our learners and allow them to make the strongest progress over time. This will prepare them to be the best they can be in school, as citizens in their community and in their future.    

We understand the pressures of studying in a high-achieving learning environment. The reason ‘happy’ is one of the first words in our Vision is because we try our hardest to help students and staff with strategies that allow them to understand why they feel so pressured and in doing so, find the skills to manage this pressure.

The school has been delivering a highly successful academic culture for more than 50 years, and is now recognised as an Exceptional School. Students are challenged by remarkable teaching standards and benefit from the attention and respect of highly proficient, dedicated and conscientious staff. Leadership, respect, humility and morality, creativity and physical activity are just some of the additional life skills and behaviours that are taught on a daily basis.




Meet our Headteacher

Welcome to Beaconsfield High School, an Ofsted outstanding school, affectionately known as ‘Becky High’. Our vision is to nurture a happy and high-achieving learning community, valuing relationships and respect. Yes, our academic outcomes are consistently excellent, and our students attain the very highest qualifications (in fact, our GCSE results place us in the top 2% of schools nationally), but this is not what I am most proud of.

We pride ourselves on knowing that learning and developing at Becky High is safely challenging, seriously fun and reliably inspiring. What is most important to us is that the children build lasting friendships, enjoy their years with us, and lead a balanced, happy life. We emphasise kindness, consideration, and compassion, encouraging everyone to play their part in fostering this atmosphere, one which visitors tell me is tangible.

Our leadership strategy focuses on holistic well-being as a priority, inspiring a culture of inclusiveness, emotional intelligence, and safety. Staff feel valued, supported, and challenged to be creative and ambitious. This fosters an environment where students feel secure, free to embrace the privilege of learning; inspired by the opportunities available, they dare to be remarkable

Your child will be guided to dream big and unlock their potential. Our young people leave Becky High full of integrity and ambition, ready and equipped to make a positive contribution to society, with the world at their fingertips. Our alumnae include published authors, doctors, elite sportswomen, and Everest conquers, to give just a few examples!

Our extremely strong pastoral team are dedicated to ensuring our young people’s personal development. We support each student to build leadership qualities, positive mental health, resilience and self-worth, enabling them to achieve their personal best.

We are committed to developing the whole person, we provide a broad education that is ambitious and stimulating. Ofsted recognises the high quality of our provision and has designated us an ‘outstanding’ school stating that our “Pupils develop into confident, well-educated and thoughtful young adults who are ready to make their mark in the world."

I hope you will come and visit our wonderful school, so you can see for yourself what a remarkable place it is.

Tina Bond, Headteacher  

Meet our Head Girl, Rithika

I am extremely honoured to take on the role of Head Girl at Beaconsfield High School, a place that provides students with so much support in order for them to grow into the wonderful people they aspire to be. 

The school community you belong to plays a part in who you are in the future, as it guides you through your teenage years. Ever since the very beginning of Year 7, the learning environment at this school has been so supportive, allowing me to mature into the person I am today – a person who is confident enough to take the risk of applying for Head Girl in the first place! The amazing teachers we have support and nurture us, both in the classroom and through our wide range of extracurricular activities, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of all the opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Students at Beaconsfield High School not only receive an excellent academic education, through various initiatives put in place to allow them to achieve their goals, but also an excellent education of character. Skills such as collaboration and resilience are promoted throughout school, and students are encouraged to view mistakes as learning opportunities. This not only cultivates a mindset that allows students to excel in everything they do, providing them with the vital skills they will need in the future, but also gives them the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and learn beyond the curriculum.

Over the coming year, the Senior Prefect team and I hope to continue to add to the strong community at this school, ensuring that all members of the student body feel heard and that we leave a lasting positive impact on the school body and the wider community around us.

Above all, Beaconsfield High School is a place where each student's journey is a unique story waiting to unfold. The encouraging, inclusive, and uplifting community that this school fosters paves the way for every student to reach their full potential and makes me immensely proud to be Head Girl here.

Rithika, 2024 - 25 Head Girl