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Why Join Us?

Academic development for each and every student is our priority and we deliver this with a carefully curated blend of exceptional teaching and support staff, a progressive attitude to delivering challenging learning and an evolving environment that creates a community of motivated, successful students.

However, academic success is not gained in isolation. We feel strongly that the keystone to each student’s time at Beaconsfield High School, and therefore the guarantee of their future accomplishments, is our focus on nurturing, wellbeing and safeguarding. In tutors, teachers, Heads of Year and even their peers, students find support and guidance through the many stages and struggles of secondary school education and growing up, and a foundation that enables them to strive for the remarkable.We are one of the top schools in the county for our A-Level and GCSE results, and our students’ extra-curricular development and self-motivated learning is unsurpassed. When you join Beaconsfield High School you unlock the tools that will cultivate your future self.


Our inclusive and welcoming community gives students the freedom and security to expand their minds, not only from the thought-provoking education they receive in the classroom, but also the life skills they are encouraged to develop at every juncture.

For a truly holistic and fruitful educational experience, we provide a varied and exciting extra-curricular programme that mixes activity, creativity and intellectual exploration. Our exceptional sports teams and clubs, our professional-standard dance and music departments and truly unique drama offering are just some of the areas where students can grow and express themselves. We offer a varied and engaging mix of societies, from Model United Nations and MEDSOC, to Linguistics and Coding, and our school trips, starting with the team bonding Bushcraft at the beginning of Year 7, are designed to broaden horizons and build confidence.

Preparing students for learning and life

Our Facilities

Our learning environment plays a huge part in the development of our students, from university-grade science laboratories and ICT-enabled classrooms, to a fully equipped sports suite, multi-subject computer rooms, design studio, food technology rooms and large art spaces. We are constantly investing in our facilities to ensure our students excel, whatever the subject. 

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